sweepstakes prize

mercoledì 25 marzo '09 at 2:44 pm (caffeine, cryptic, english, girl-powered, love, lyrics)

You know all of my secret ideas
The ones I’m giving up on and the ones I’ll keep
and everybody sees a funny look in our eyes
‘cause we know that we already won the sweepstakes prize

I’d tell you why but I don’t know
It’s simple and so complicated
I could walk all day on the railroad tracks
but there’s much more to it than that

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your math is irrefutable

mercoledì 18 marzo '09 at 6:14 pm (english, trivial, xkcd)


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venerdì 19 dicembre '08 at 2:51 pm (english, trivial)


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love letters

venerdì 5 dicembre '08 at 12:48 pm (caffeine, english, girl-powered, insomnia, italiano, love, thoughts, ToDo, writing)

A voi non piacerebbe ricevere una lettera d’amore? A me sì! Non dico necessariamente una lettera di 5 pagine, illustrata e a colori… mi accontenterei anche di un bigliettino. Qualcuno ci ha pensato e ha mandato in giro ben 400 lettere d’amore, ognuna diversa, mica ciclostilate. Chissà? Magari un giorno toccherà anche a noi.


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affare fatto?

lunedì 3 novembre '08 at 9:15 am (daydreaming, english, insomnia, italiano, love)

(immagine presa da qui)

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dead leaves and the dirty ground

lunedì 4 agosto '08 at 1:41 pm (cryptic, english, grumpy, ToDo)

Dear Giulia,
Here is your horoscope for Monday, August 4:

Today is all about new growth — you are focusing on the blossoms in your garden, rather than the old growth. Cultivate anything that seems like it’s got potential and prune away the rest.

Prune away, my friends. Let’s prune away.

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lunedì 21 luglio '08 at 1:56 pm (english, grumpy, italiano)


Ho perso 500Gb di dati. Una quantità imbarazzante di mp3. Dozzine di film. Un sacco di serie TV. Software. Per non parlare dei miei dati personali, precipitati per sempre nell’oblio, risucchiati nel girone infernale degli hard disk rotti…


I’ve lost 500Gb of data. A truckload of mp3s. Dozens of movies. A bunch of TV series. Software. Not to mention my personal data, forever cast into oblivion, sucked into the infernal circle of broken hard disks…

: : : : : : :  m o r i r e m o   t u t t i  : : : : : : :

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a new stereophonic sound spectacular

mercoledì 11 giugno '08 at 1:53 pm (english, girl-powered, lyrics)

when the sun is high
I get up from my bed
I play my favourite record
the volume turned down

drink a glass of fresh water
and give the cat some milk
turn off the sound of the news on telly
which I hate

some day eventually
summer will come to an end
and if we part, even so
I will survive to see another autumn
I will survive on my own
I will survive

god is testing me
this is a period I have to go through I guess
my favourite record
always ends too fast

some day eventually
summer will come to an end
I’ll put on a new shirt
and I will live my new life
I will live all by myself
I will live

god is testing me
it is a period I have to go through I guess
I won’t be listening to my favourite record for quite a while
until another summer comes

— Pizzicato Five, “Ma vie, l’été de vie”

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my life in graphs

martedì 10 giugno '08 at 11:13 am (english, ToDo, trivial)

“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.'”
 — Jedi Master Yoda

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venerdì 30 maggio '08 at 2:39 pm (cooking, daydreaming, english, ToDo, vegan)

Peanut Butter Vegan Ice Cream with Chili-Spiked Chocolate Sauce

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