lunedì 31 marzo '08 at 6:58 pm (cryptic, italiano, tarot)

Questo post probabilmente ha senso solo per me.

King of Swords (R) – If you wish to achieve your goal – align your focus, will and intention so that it is moving in the same direction. Recognize injustice, unfairness or an unyielding decision – remain centered and focus on maintaining your balance. Recognize authority which has been corrupted – strength used for its own ends of power and dominance. See clearly the arrogance of a powerful mind turned in on itself, recognizing only its own desire for control. See your inventiveness – put your ideas into practice and bring them into your physical reality.

At one extreme – an overly aggressive man, self-righteous or egomaniacal. At the other extreme, a weak, unassertive type with a lack of self-esteem. Too studious vs. lazy intellect. Fastidious organizer/perfectionist vs. the sloppy non-organizer. Non-stop talker vs. the silent type. Someone who never listens vs. the nosy eavesdropper. Bad planner vs. the over planner – the worrier.

Questions to Answer: Who is laying down the law? How are you using your ability to be rational, logical and analytical? Who is judging or criticizing you?


2 commenti

  1. oracolo said,

    Malefiche cartacce, comunque.

    Vallo a spiegare, ad uno che non è addentro, che un po’ di simboli ambigui spesso sono esattamente quello di cui hanno bisogno le menti troppo razionali per non andare in pappa.

  2. munchies said,

    L’ho scritto anche stanotte su Facebook:
    “Giulia sentiva la mancanza del suo oracolo.1:17am”


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