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martedì 23 ottobre '07 at 2:48 pm (cryptic, english, magic)

I’m sick of this crap.

“Dig deep into your imagination and figure out the wildest idea you’ve had this year.”?? Yeah, done that.

“Now is the time to get started on it, even if it seems totally crazy.”?? Hm… Not sure if I get it. Are we talking about the same idea, dear horoscope provider? I am starting to seriously doubt that. What do you mean by “get started on it now”. Now as in NOW??

“Weird things can happen, but only if they begin right away.” Does this mean that if I don’t begin anything right now, nothing weird will happen in my future? Or does this mean that if I start acting now then even the weirdest, wildest stuff could become real?

I’m just not getting it. What the heck is this supposed to mean? ç_ç


4 commenti

  1. marcello said,

    possibly that you’re having too much free time in your hands and that you should simply quit reading crappy horoscopes. if you really need guidance you should stick to more accurate methods, like immolating little lambs (or possibly baby seals) and reading their entrails. mwah ah ah ah ah :D


  2. munchies said,

    haha quanto sei picio :-)

  3. alberolistico said,

    Gosh, it’s cryptic as an I Ching response! Maybe the only wierd thing here is the horoscope itself…

  4. oracolo said,

    Do it yourself!

    Tarots and hexagrams are the way to go, or even OBEs. Still quite nonsensical, but funnier.


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