dark october

mercoledì 17 ottobre '07 at 7:22 am (cryptic, driving, english, foto, girl-powered, grumpy, love, thoughts)

Why is there never ever enough time to do stuff you want?
Why do good things never last forever?
Why are people afraid to commit?
Why do I smile when I really want to cry, and why do I say “it doesn’t matter” when in fact it does?
Why is it so good to be alone, but would be better together?
Why is timing never right?
Why does the past keep haunting me?
Why do I get the feeling that I keep repeating the same stuff over and over, mistakes, good things and choices in general?

Do people ever change?
Have I changed? Or have I always been the same?
Is change even possible?

Will it ever be better, life and stuff I mean, or does it get worse with time?
Hope and regret are so overrated… The words we say are so overrated.
But then why do I keep hoping and regretting, and why can’t I let go of words and just *feel* and *know*?

Why doesn’t this car have a stereo?
Life would be so much better right now with some music on…


1 commento

  1. V@liu^^ said,

    Apart from the rest, your posts are always so beautiful and deep, which is also nice to know .. that in you ther’s a lot more than that appear when viewed fleeting, since you have the gift of being able to convey with the written word, beyond reason, directly where you want your feelings to go.

    So, don’t be afraid and smile, to see in deep and far.. that the time has one meaning, all things always tend to improve, if you smile, knows the sun rise and set to rise again, so you can rejoice every day as the first time.

    “Serit arbores, quae alteri saeclo prosint. Nescis quid vesper serus vehat, faventibus ventis.”



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