takk fyrir

mercoledì 10 ottobre '07 at 12:47 am (cryptic, english, full moon, girl-powered, grumpy, insomnia, love, thoughts)

Thanks to every single one of you, for your advice, good or bad, for your words, harsh or sweet, for lending me your ear and listening to my rants.

Thanks for being there for me, always, and also thank you for honestly ignoring me if you didn’t want to talk. I didn’t need your pity or judgement, and you didn’t give it. So, thank you!

Tonight the moon is hiding herself up in the skies, so I can at least try to see a bit more clearly. The night is warm and I am walking walking walking… aimlessly, along dirty concrete streets, among strangers speaking unknown tongues, smelling foods which don’t belong here. Just like me.

Everything seems so far away… Thank you for reminding me that all of you are just a phone call away.

Thank you for understanding me in many different ways. Maybe you don’t get me as a whole and you only see what you want to see. Thank you for seeing sides of me that even I didn’t recognize before.

I am so, so happy, you have no idea!



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