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martedì 18 settembre '07 at 1:53 am (cryptic, daydreaming, english, girl-powered, grumpy, insomnia, love, stars)

For some strange reason, I never really liked fairy tales. They all follow the same basic schema.. someone’s life was fine until some bad guy came along to screw it up, then they have to go and fix it, fight some monsters, risk death, travel to far away places, solve riddles, etc. When the enemy is invariably defeated, then everybody’s happy again, the bad guys either die or recognize they were wrong and evil all along, and basically they all live happily ever after. Yeah, big deal.

I’ve always preferred stories of mystery and exploration, in which the “good guys” don’t necessarily win, and perhaps there aren’t any good guys at all. Like, for example, mythology. Mythological heroes can’t be bothered with simplistic concepts such as good and evil, as they very well know the two can’t always be separated. Although they also have to go and fight monsters, this time we’re talking about mythological monsters. Epic battles, divine powers, unbreakable faith, maddening love. Forget Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Think of the tale of Aphrodite, who is born from seafoam (and no, I won’t write it here, but it’s also quite interesting to see where that seafoam came from). Think about the story of Perseus and Andromeda, and of that couple, symbolized in the skies by the bright stars of Vega and Altair, who was forever separated by the Milky Way. Close your eyes and picture yourself as one of the Argonauts. These, my friends, are stories that I’d like to hear at bedtime.

That explains why a fairy tale sort of ending is not what I’m after. (In fact, it also explains why one of my favorite animation series ever is Pollon!) I know well enough that fairy tales are just for Barbie princesses and fluffy slippered blondes, and I’m neither. What I’m expecting here is an epic tale kind of ending, in which either you die a gruesome death, suffer for the whole of eternity, or conquer such heights which human language can’t even start to describe. But even in happiness, there’s always a catch. That’s what mythology teaches you, and fairy tales don’t.

So I won’t put my bets on the happy ending… but I won’t give up without a fight either.


2 commenti

  1. marcello said,

    ma cazzo, che schifo quella cosa della schiuma!
    quanto male dovevano stare quelli per inventarsi una storia del genere?!?!?!

    “So I won’t put my bets on the happy ending… but I won’t give up without a fight either.”
    vince il titolo per the best aforisma EVAAAAAAAAAR


    piaciuti i simpson?

    la battuta di tutto il film, secondo me:

    cletus: non vuole sapere come faccio a farlo?
    cargill: 6 generazioni di endogamia?

    bwah ah ah ah ah ah!


  2. munchies said,

    Bello bello il film.. delirante, ma classico :-)

    “Lisa, sei una donna.. Puoi serbare rancore per tutta la vita.” … heheh


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