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venerdì 24 agosto '07 at 10:59 am (english, girl-powered, thoughts)

You know what, sometimes I think it’s great not to be 20-something anymore and be a Responsible Adult instead.


When you are youngish and do something silly, you just look silly and inexperienced. When you are oldish and do something silly, you look original, like you have some quirks or something.

When you are older you can tell younger people stuff like “you don’t know anything”, “you don’t know what you are talking about”, “you wouldn’t understand” and “when you’ll be my age, you’ll see what I mean”. And the best part is, they can’t say anything to that! They really do think you have a clue.

When you are old,  you can look at all the stupid things you did from a distance, and gain some perspective. Heck, you can even draw some major Life Lessons from your sorry experiences.

And you can say idiotic things like.. “groovy”.

You can watch old movies from the 70’s and the 80’s and feel all warm and fuzzy.

You can spend a whole day just listening to your old punk records.

You can look at childhood pictures which were taken with a proper film camera.. some of them might even be black and white.

You can still recall a time in which cell phones and the internet and even personal computers didn’t exist, and people would spend time doing productive things such as going to the library and roller-skating. Being a girl, it totally made sense to sit at home waiting for that special guy to call. Forget text messages at odd hours in the night. Forget cryptic emails packed with mis-spelled entities and unnerving abbreviations.. back then, you could still expect to receive a nicely hand-written postcard, or even a letter!

You can go on about how food tasted better a few decades ago, the air was cleaner, the cars looked nicer, tv shows where funner, japanese animation series had a moral to them. For god’s sake, I still dream about driving a bright orange Volkswagen minivan!

Being an older gal isn’t so bad after all.

And no, you youngsters wouldn’t understand. ^_^



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