it was a dark and stormy night…

giovedì 23 agosto '07 at 12:02 pm (caffeine, cryptic, english, love, thoughts, writing)

People often say that “the pen is mightier than the sword” (see wikipedia).

I have always liked this idea, and for me it always meant something positive, like that words could fix stuff that sheer violence couldn’t, or that talking could nudge your way to something that is too delicate and subtle to be approached by rough, practical means.

As it so happens, I was dead wrong.

This morning it hit me, or maybe I should say… it slashed me, like a pin piercing a voodoo doll or a dagger ripping your heart open. Words can hurt much much more than a slap in your face or a stab in the back for that matter. A physical wound will eventually heal, leaving a scar as a reminiscence. After some time, it will stop bleeding. But when your feelings are bruised and your soul (your heart) is shattered to pieces, there is no mending. You can try to forget, but whenever you go back there and think back to whatever happened, it will always hurt. It will never ever stop bleeding.

No… the heart is not a resilient organ. Mine especially, I’m afraid.


10 commenti

  1. abdulhamid said,

    We cannot say we live, if we not walk in life. And walk in it is only about living. Along this way, we can find lots of new concepts, discovers, ideas that – most o’them – are different from what we used to know.
    what happened to you is prettty interesting, cause it shows that you’re walking..and in my point of view, this xxperience u had, showed u that your own tools (words, phrases,etc) can heal, and either hurt.

    Through the journey, its healthfully to review our begining ideas, then we can grow up!

    Im pleased that i found out your blog!
    Please, come on visit mine!

    God Bless!

  2. munchies said,

    Thanks for your comment! I will definitely come and see your blog ^_^

  3. marcello said,

    povera giulia, che ti succede?


  4. munchies said,

    hmmm che mi succede.. niente.. che penso troppo immagino…

    PS: e comunque, non mi sembra molto più tetro di altri miei post.. o si?

  5. marcello said,

    ci vorrebbe un tetrometro O_o



  6. munchies said,

    hahaha.. il tetrometro.. :D

  7. La 3V1L said,

    STUPID no HEld N0 hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1lol

  8. Abby said,

    I know that feeling all TO well….. But I can say one thing, your heart and soul are completely different. My heart has been shattered and stitched back together, it’s weak and hurt, but my soul, my soul is as hard as stone, it remains strong, and it’s not coming down. The more hurt my heart is, the stronger my soul gets, but also the harder it is for me to trust people….

  9. you and your goddamn attitude « //o^_^o\ said,

    […] più immune a certe cose. Un po’ più, non del tutto. Perché certe cose fanno sempre male, faranno sempre male, ma forse si impara a sopportare meglio il […]

  10. danineteen said,

    I love this blog… I know it’s so old, but when I found this I saved it in my favourites, and I have remembered it ever since.


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