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lunedì 20 agosto '07 at 10:41 pm (cryptic, english, foto, grumpy, insomnia, travel)

What to do when you find yourself in a foreign city (such as – for example – Frankfurt) and aren’t really sure how you ended up there?

  1. Give in to your worst addictions
  2. Visit weird exhibitions
  3. Think about the millions of Jews who died in the holocaust, and get extremely depressed
  4. Drink huge, overpriced cups of bad coffee

And if you haven’t had enough, you can also spend way too much money on phone calls to your home country, grumble on just about anything, sit in old churches wondering why they look so modern and not-as-good-as the ones in your own city, wish for a  better haircut, stare at strange animals doing strange things at the zoo, watch late night tv shows about youngsters going on a pilgrimage to Poland, count the hours that separate you from your home, your bed and a proper shower.

Wow, do I love traveling!!! ^_^


3 commenti

  1. marcello said,

    uhmmmm… quasi quasi sono contento di non essere venuto a francoforte e di aver invece passato 4 giorni di sole, caldo, mare dall’acqua cristallina, ville di lusso e aperitivi in piscina… ghghghghghgh…

    sono un po’ stronzo, eh? :P


  2. munchies said,

    bastardo direi…. ^_^

    mi fa piacere sentire che ti sei divertito all’elba! io la mia dose di mare e sole l’avevo già avuta, quindi non mi è dispiaciuto un po’ di freddo, wurstel e facce krukke. hmm..
    W gli stereotipi eh???

    dai la prox volta pero’ organizziamo una gita cumulativa a copenhagen… dai!!!!

  3. marcello said,

    a copenhagen!!!


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