not fine but ok

martedì 17 luglio '07 at 1:27 pm (cryptic, english, girl-powered, insomnia)

“happy sad happy sad oo-ooh” — Pizzicato FiveHappy sad

Lately I’ve  been getting these feelings that I  haven’t experienced for many, many years. That feeling of my blood vessels failing, that itching,  like if my blood had suddenly turned to warm coca-cola. Total helplessness, pain, and a giant dam holding back the tears. Losing appetite and sleep. Blasting the stereo until I can’t hear myself thinking anymore. Driving with eyes shut.  Breathing slowly to take in as much oxygen as possible.

Not knowing how to stop all this. Wanting to be happy again – so so bad.

I hate it.


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  1. Jey said,

    hi!…this picture is your?…can i use it for my graphic work?…i’ll credit you…send me an e-mail if i can –>


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