Friday 13th

venerdì 13 luglio '07 at 10:42 am (english, thoughts)

This morning I was thinking about the Wicked Witch of the East (as seen in The Wizard of Oz). I was reading about this character in wikipedia, and found out she is the ruler of Munchkin Country.

Munchkin Country is distinguished by the color blue, which is worn by most of the Munchkins as well as the color of their surroundings.

I hereby proclaim myself  Wicked Witch of the Munchies, ruling over this confined portion of cyberspace. Residents and visitors of munchee-land are not constrained to wear any specific colors, but should refrain from wearing beige, canary yellow, pastels, and crappy shoes. Smiling and cracking silly jokes is tolerated, but not encouraged. Please note that due to strong electromagnetic fields and anomalies in the time-space continuum, electronic devices and even biological entities might not function as intended in our lovely, lovely country. Don’t forget your sunscreen lotion and portable umbrella, since the weather  conditions tend to alternate very rapidly between desertic heat (the type that gives you hallucinations) and tropical rainstorms (the type that drench you to the  bone in less than one second). Munchees like extremes. Thank you. PS: and if you don’t like it… too bad… you are stuck here for eternity… muhaha

What a meager satisfaction on such a grim day. :-/

Sometimes I feel more like professor Trelawney rather than a powerful witch, but that’s life I suppose… sigh


4 commenti

  1. Nadia said,

    O mio dio che scarpe orrende fatevi curare tutti quanti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. munchies said,

    Fatevi curare tutti quanti… chi?? Questo è il mio blog se non te ne sei accorta/o.

  3. netiquette « //o^_^o\ said,

    […] “Friday 13th“  […]

  4. marija said,

    nadia :) fatti curare…
    ruby slippers <3


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