red is the color that will make me blue

mercoledì 11 luglio '07 at 11:00 am (caffeine, cryptic, daydreaming, english, girl-powered, love, thoughts)

I hate the fact that life doesn’t always work out the way you want… that dreams seldom come true and most times happiness intermingles with sorrow. I hate it that you can rarely say what really is in your heart, and pause time for a few seconds. I hate not being able to control my thoughts, and stop them from coming.

I am just so, so tired, and all I want is to fall asleep and not wake up for a hundred years, like in a fairytale, and be safe in a secret room at the top of an inaccessible tower, surrounded by flesh-ripping thorns and mythical beasts, where nobody can see me, find me or wake me.

I just want to be alone.. forever and ever.

I want to just close my eyes, and find a whole different world when I open them again.


2 commenti

  1. marcello said,

    don’t worry dear, life *never* works out the way you want.
    had to learn it the hard way… shrug

    si, non è un gran modo per sollevare il morale ;)


  2. munchies said,

    e come direbbe mike buongiorno…. ALAGRIAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!


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