logic is overrated

mercoledì 30 maggio '07 at 10:48 pm (cryptic, english, full moon, tarot)

 The full moon is nearly here… I can see it in the sky and I can definitely feel it.

Today I totally understood the meaning of the 18th tarot card, The Moon. I mean, it was me, 100%. So silly, lunatic, doubtful, deceitful, sentimental, confused, delusional, worried and all in all completely nuts. The problem is, this card doesn’t come for me anymore. Perhaps I don’t need a card to tell me I am turning into a nutcase!!

Today my friend was telling me that I shouldn’t always try to read so much between the lines, and find meaning where perhaps there isn’t any. My husband told me I should stop being superstitious, reading horoscopes, shuffling cards and looking up at the sky.

But my mind and what’s more important my inner feelings were telling me… if you’re gonna be superstitious, you’ve gotta be it all the way! They were telling me to embrace irrationality. As I said, today I was The Friggin’ Moon.

Here I am now, looking at the nearly full moon, enjoying a few moments of clarity, and thinking, wondering why I do this to myself.

Sometimes everything is so wrong but feels so right! Why? Why?!?!



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