black toe

giovedì 17 maggio '07 at 11:31 am (caffeine, english, movies, quotes)

Charlotte: [after Bob tells her of his back pain] I’m in pain, I got my foot banged up. Wanna see it?
Bob: [to Chef, sarcastically] How do you say no?
[sees the foot]
Bob: Oh, my gosh! When did you do this?
Charlotte: I did it the other day, it hurts, y’know?
Bob: Didn’t you feel any pain?
Charlotte: Yeah, it really hurt.
Bob: That toe is almost dead.
[Charlotte laughs]
Bob: I think I got to take you to a doctor, you can’t just put that back in the shoe. Well, you either go to a doctor or you leave it here.
[regarding Chef]
Bob: He’s smiling. You like that idea? See they love black toe in this country.
[Charlotte continues laughing]

My toe hurts today. It must be some sort of punishment I guess. I am hungry, sleepy and caffeine-deprived. Can this day get any worse? :-P



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