the dark side of my “10 things” post

venerdì 20 aprile '07 at 10:19 am (english, ToDo)

Sulla scia delle idee balzane di Marcello, proposte nel commento al post precedente, proverò a ripensare a questo post..

10 bad things worth living for: (ie, not-so-good things that are still worth living for)

  • Getting thoroughly wet on rainy days (was: sunny days)
  • Bitter coffee (was: summer fruits like cherries)
  • Love songs that make you so unhappy you wanna cry (was: happy love songs)
  • The dark side of cats.. like cat hair on your clothes and scratches on your skin that make Freddy Krueger look like an amateur (was: cats)
  • Full moon nights (was: starry nights)
  • Tequila without lemon and salt (was: tequila with lemon and salt)
  • Eating raw carrots in front of the computer (was: picnics)
  • Driving during a thunderstorm (was: cuddling during a thunderstorm)
  • Spending time alone (was: good times with friends)
  • Daydreaming (was: thinking about the good things in life)  


2 commenti

  1. marcello said,

    i guess driving during a thunderstorm is one of the most annoying things ever ;)
    (si, non ho nulla da fare in ufficio…)


  2. munchies said,

    come direbbe un mio collega… JOIN THE CLUB!! lol :-)

    PS: stasera vieni alla scighera? noi ci andiamo..

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