the munchies go gaga

venerdì 2 febbraio '07 at 12:51 pm (english, thoughts)

Ok, so today is officially Blogging Day.. since I can’t stop my mind from wandering! :-p

Now, this guy is seriously cool! In my next life, I wanna be like him.. surrounded by unbalanced piles of books, hands dusty with chalk and with that crazy theoretical scientist look on my face. I wanna hang out with nerdy looking people wearing improbable outfits, play with knot theory like it was Sudoku, and sit in the library until they kick me out. Or better, have my own key to the institute’s library. Even better, have my own private library.. full of cryptic texts, scientific papers in every language known to mankind ( maths is the universal language.. right? you can always read it, although you probably can’t pronounce it). I wanna have a romantic rendez-vous at the Mauna Kea astronomical observatory, and each and every time I utter a word, I want it to sound like a fragment of thought floating in space, that nobody will understand, probably not even hear, since all my pals would be so deep down their own rabbit hole to even notice.  I wanna list “Prediction and filtering for nonlinear dynamics and spatiotemporal data” in my research interests too! Come on, his cv makes me drool.. 

And check out what cool quotes he can provide:

I pledge allegiance to the form
of science fiction and fantasy
and to the promise for which it stands:
one world,
genetically engineered,
with Internet access for all.
– Tonio Roque

Who the hell is Tonio Roque? This guy must know something that I don’t..



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